United We Rise Soldier II Hit NDC. Selling Out Fast!!! »

Jul 24, 2008 at 10:02 am | shoeszoom-soldier-ii

Visit nikestore.com. Only a few sizes left. Get yours while you still can. Update: So at this point almost all shoes are gone. Only one size is available 13US. A couple days ago when the NDC pics got published we predicted an NDC release, but didn’t expect it will be so soon. Hopefully there will be more pairs widely available. One thing is sure… House of Hoops will get these as well. Many hate the HoH releases, but for whose who missed today’s nikestore.com launch this might be ever worse. Anyway it was Nike’s first online limited release in a really long time. Of course those last two Birthday releases that ended up at outlets do not count. A better look at the “United We Rise” drawer box after the jump (props to H-Leung from hk-kicks.com).

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United We Rise Soldier II Hit NDC Selling Out FastUnited We Rise Soldier II Hit NDC Selling Out Fast
  • Gggggas

    :shock: Extra ¨LeBron’s¨ lace hole included :mrgreen: That’s nice :wink:

  • Kaczala

    WOW… I didn’t even know these got released until like 4 sizes were left. I hope real fans was able to get their pairs.

    George, what are you doing it Italy my friend :)

  • MarcSJ08

    Hope whoever missed NDC gets their pair when it release in some Niketowns, Watch out what AUgust brings :mrgreen:

  • Kaczala

    Damn, there’s a restock already… check out NDC… more sizes available. Don’t miss it this time!

  • iwantlebron

    they are all sleeping !!!! wake up :!:

  • Gggggas

    About my IP :lol: , no Greg I’m still in Greece :grin:
    About the shoes: AMAZING :shock:

  • iwantlebron

    they are no longer available !!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :mad: :mad: :mad: …..

  • Nene33

    Where these US only, or Worldwide, because I haven’t seen ’em on Nikestore.com :sad: which is sad, cause I really wanted a pair.

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    man i picked these up on NDC last week and I received this today! The kix r fly!!! :cool:
    cant wait for the complete UWR series!
    I only wish I had bought 2 of these! :-(

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