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Jul 15, 2008 at 2:34 pm | lebron-vshoes

I must admit that the Mr Basketball V’s, that dropped in February at the House of Hoops by Footlocker, was in my opinion the most exciting LeBron release in the past year. First of all the ZLV is a damn good basketball sneaker. Then this commemorative colorway, a tribute to King James, is a treat for every LeBron James fan. On top of it all they came in a dope metal locker box. Of course not everybody got a chance to appreciate them cause of the very limited release, but fortunately there’s a second chance. The Mr Basketball Zoom LeBron V hit selected Nike Outlet accounts last week, the B-Grade version. The retail for the locker box editions was $250 and the one in the outlets costs $80, but it comes in a standard orange Nike box. According to several, who own the B-grades the quality is the same as the original so it seems that only the box is the reason for the downgrade. Looks like Nike had more shoes than boxes and decided to “give” them away. At this moment most of the shoes are sold out, but if you really want them you will find a lot of great deals on ebay. Some of them end up much below the MSRP of the regular V’s, which was $140. Several photos of the B-Grade version below. Click here too see the original version.

Source: ebay | From LeBron 5
Nonlocker Mr Basketball Zoom LeBron V Hit the OutletsNonlocker Mr Basketball Zoom LeBron V Hit the OutletsNonlocker Mr Basketball Zoom LeBron V Hit the OutletsNonlocker Mr Basketball Zoom LeBron V Hit the OutletsNonlocker Mr Basketball Zoom LeBron V Hit the Outlets Show Album
  • hunter

    anyonr know any websites where i can get these?

  • Kaczala

    Look here:

    Some sellers are still trying to get $250-300 for them, but if you look more you will find them for less than $200 with an ease. The best deals I’ve seen so far on ebay were in the $100-150 range.

  • hunter

    ya, thanks i am gonna get the 3’s from there but i want the 80 dollar verison.

  • Sports23fan22

    This is definitely one of Nike’s dumber moves. By doing this, they just lowered the value of the REAL Mr. Basketball LeBrons. I have one of the real pairs with the locker box and it upsets me that instead of Nike doing something smart and creative with these they’re just throwing them in generic boxes and selling them for cheap. Not to mention now there will be more counterfeits. The locker box was one of the things to check for authenticity. Now it’s tougher to spot a fake from a legit one.

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  • So you guys forget to thank me?

    this is Kid Lebron From NT the 1st OG Mr.BBall poster

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