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Jul 9, 2008 at 8:21 am | lebron-iishoes

I was in San Francisco this weekend visiting my girlfriend and on Sunday we decided to go to the annual Filmore Jazz Festival. This is an ecclectic collection of people, music, shopping and fair-type food. We walked up Fillmore and I looked into the window of the Goodwill thrift store located on Fillmore and Post only to be amazed. In front of me I saw a pair of grey, white and screaming green basketball shoes. Any Nike fanatic would know the shoe as soon as they see it, my personal favorite Lebron signature shoe, the Air Zoom Lebron 2. I ran into the store and grabbed the shoes, they were in GREAT shape. I looked the shoe over and there were no creases or stains, the previous owner even left the second set of white laces (UNUSED!) stuffed inside the shoes. I quickly looked at the size tag. SIZE 12! I started hyperventillating and ignored the other shoes there (Denim Dunk Hi, Huaraches, Barkleys, someone had to have offloaded their collection) and ran to the counter. I got to the cashier, who happened to be the store manager, and quickly paid. He said, “DAMN, they didn’t listen!” I looked at him in horror, wondering if he would change the price or say they were not for sale, “they put these too high! What do you feel about paying $28.99 for these?” I looked at him blankly and nodded. I walked out of the store knowing that I just lived the shoe nerd fantasy. I found a NDS pair of GRAILS at a thrift store. Here are some pics including the original Goodwill price tag.
This awesome story was posted by SUPRATURBO on Niketalk. He ended up with a two-handed (more rare than the “usual” one-handed grey version) Dunkman Zoom LeBron II. Best LeBron pickup story? Use the comment box below to express you thoughts.

Source: niketalk.com | From LeBron 2
Dunkmans for 2899 Impossible Read The Story BelowDunkmans for 2899 Impossible Read The Story BelowDunkmans for 2899 Impossible Read The Story BelowDunkmans for 2899 Impossible Read The Story BelowDunkmans for 2899 Impossible Read The Story BelowDunkmans for 2899 Impossible Read The Story BelowDunkmans for 2899 Impossible Read The Story Below Show Album
  • Kaczala

    Just WOW :shock: :shock: :shock: . I wish I was that lucky :!:

  • 4DRUMZ

    Quick… GO PLAY THE LOTTERY… You’ve got a hot hand!

  • dOubleO

    THE or ONE of the Best Lebron Pick-up…

    …now if I can only find an Dunkman AF1s at my local thrift store :mrgreen:

  • Thats nugs.


    I had a similar experience with a pair of Jordans.

    A few years ago whilst looking through a secondhand shop in Wollongong, i noticed a familiar box sitting on the top shelf in the shoe section.

    Unworn OG Air Jordan Playoff Vii’s.

    The asking price was $40, to which i said out loud “$40 bucks for a pair of 13 year old shoes” – shopkeeper heard me and replied..

    “They’ve been here ages, you can have them for $10”


  • iwantlebron

    crying my ass off….

  • this is a sweet story,I am going to check my local thrift shops.I hope I get that lucky.

  • PD23

    MAN that is insane!!

  • 432

    that is an amazing story!

  • pho_king4lif

    that’s hella koo man
    i went to a local thrift shop n i scooped up a NDS pair of AJ 1’s lows (wht/metalic silver)
    the ’04 retros wit icey clean soles for $1.99
    but it dont beat dis story

  • Alcindor

    Almost the same thing happened to me, just without such a happy ending!

    It was the last day of my holiday stay in New York. I was there with my family and we were rushing through the SoHo, tryng to get somewhere before it closed. Suddenly we walk by this store which had nothing but sick Nikes and Jordans and stuff like that. I quickly went in and I was in awe, I couldn’t believe it was like heaven. All of the sudden I see a pair of brand new white and navy LeBron II’s and they were only 110 bucks (cheap considering it was Flight Club). I get them to the register and we are just about to pay them, when I go like damn I don’t know. The thing was I already had a pair of all star II’s (grey, blue, white) and I loved them, but I was like it would be weird if I got the same shoes. So because of this my dad was like come on we’ve got to go, and the second I walked out I was like wtf am I doing. But we were in a real hury and I didn’t get the shoes.
    I am still pissed I didn’t get those shoes and every once in a while I still just go watch some pictures of them and be like what if. Because the thing is that those shoes were the best I ever had and no matter how ard I try I can’t find the shoes that would even come close to the II’s. It just breaks my heart, seriuosly! :sad:

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