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Jul 1, 2008 at 10:05 am | shoeszoom-soldier-ii

News pics keep on popping out like crazy. In the past two days two Zoom Soldier II USA PEs were introduced to the world, but that’s not over yet. We’ve seen LeBron’s plain and simple “United We Rise” PE from the Training Camp followed by the “United We Rise” Tribal PE spotted at NYC and now we get to see the third version. This one is inspired by Chinese culture with #6 (LBJ’s jersey number) written in Chinese. It could pass as an Away Colorway with the Tribal PE being Home. Photo thanks to wei233147 via

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Third Olympic Zoom Soldier II PE with Chinese Characters Show Album
  • shoebie1

    Yooo!!! those R sick….

    those need 2 be released at finishline or something, cuz i want em n i do not wanna go all the way to house of hoops 4 ’em

  • iwantlebron

    stop this… i aint got enough money to cope em all… they r seriously dopeee!!!!

  • Kaczala

    ^Yeah I like the USA colorways very much. ZSII is a simple shoe, but all the cool versions make it stand out from the rest. I think Soldier II Make Ups are a little better than for example Zoom LeBron V. The only V’s that make my eyes pop out are the Yankees and MrB’s, but the price tags on those are ridiculous and I wasn’t able to any of them :(. From all the USAs my favorite so far is the Tribal PE. I really hope they will be obtainable by regular means.

  • #5

    absolutely sick. period

  • Eamonn

    Turns out you were right Kac, there was something better coming ;)

    I might actually pick these up if they’re cheap. Looking forward to it. Will be all the more special if they/he bring home the gold medal with them on :cool:

  • these shoes r sick!!!!! these r da best ones here!

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