Zoom LeBron II Re-release Rumors. True or False? »

Jun 27, 2008 at 3:27 pm | stuff

This is just in. According to several NikeTalk members – SlimSolejer and PO2345 – Nike is planning on releasing several Zoom LeBron II Player Exclusive colorways. If you think that a typo than let me say this again… yes we are talking about the Zoom LeBron 2 – LeBron’s second signature sneaker. It’s hard to call it a retro release when you deal with PEs and if anything they are going to be extremely limited (yeah, like what else is new). The colorways that are expected to drop include – SVSM Away, SVSM Home, Dunkman, HWC and one more White/Red based version (36 pairs of each). The distribution method is unknown, but most likely Nike’s PE outlet – the House of Hoops – will be involved. There’s also a possibility for a Cleveland release. This is just a rumor now, but it’s been confirmed by several individuals. Nike’s known to make decisions at the last moment and I’m sure some of the fans remember the Fruity Pebbles, HWC IV and Retro AZG Camo, that were just as breaking news as this one, but in fact none of them got released. All that was before the House of Hoops got opened and new possibilities came into play. We will follow this matter and let you know if there are any updates. What do you think about this idea? Get at us in the comment box below.

Zoom LeBron II Rerelease Rumors True or FalseZoom LeBron II Rerelease Rumors True or FalseZoom LeBron II Rerelease Rumors True or False
  • The_Drible_Machine

    LOL 36 pairs … Nike should just change it’s name to “Resellers Helping Foundation” smh

  • Candice

    I hope they have a Cleveland release. I’d def. cop a pair if I could find em.

  • al_mighty

    i love it! hope it will be released.. it gives collectors a hope that they can have some ii..but then again.. resellers smh..

  • royce

    yessssss. i hope they do relase i love all lebrons shoes..i hope they do

  • iwantlebron

    whats the different??…limited release of 36 pair each , meaning… the price will be as expensive as the PE…!!!

  • Kaczala

    I have mixed feeling about all this and in general I think it’s a bad idea. I mean what’s the purpose of all this?! If only 36 pairs will be released the real fans won’t get the shoes anyway. Like “Dribble” said that’s great, but only for resellers.
    Personally I would love to own a pair of the Dunkmans or other PEs, but IMHO Nike should focus more on the VI and leave the older shoes alone for a while longer. Just my 2 cents.
    Also, if they are going though with these I hope it’s a Cleveland thing, because that place should get more attention. There are a lot of collectors there, and who knows maybe some of them will keep the shoes and won’t filp em for money.

    that’s exactly right

  • iwantlebron

    well said GREG…well said…if nike actually release them in limited pairs…most of the real FAN doesn’t get to enjoy em., because you know that some non-lebron fan will buy them and resell it for a very high prices!!, now that pisses me off !! not everone is rich !!

    yaa, imo too, nike should focus more on the VI… i know that the picture is only a sample, but they really need to redesingn them..

    peace GREG….

  • The_Drible_Machine

    I’m not that old but I remember the days when players were actually wearing the same shoes you could buy in a store near you. Not some 1 of 1 colorways. Even Jordan rarely had some distinguishing accents. Now it’s just all about the money. Like the diamonds – controling the supply keeping the prices high etc.

  • Kaczala

    ^Actually, LeBron slowed down with the promotion of PEs over the last year. In 2007-08 he wore GR-look-a-likes 78 times vs 11PEs. Year before that it was 46GRs vs 83PEs so as you can see that’s a noticeable difference.
    Also, he never wore any of the mentioned shoes (SVSMs, Dunkman). However all this steals attention from the regular shoes and I agree on that for sure.
    I know Nike has a problem controlling the PE market, but I am not sure if that’s the solution.

  • Eamonn

    You know Greg, I think your right. At first I was probably just like all of us “wowwwwww”. I would LOVE, and i mean LOVE own any of the II PE’s – absolutely grails everyone of them. But if they do re-release we know theyre going to be priced through the roof, and i really dont wanna pay over $500 for a pair, but the problem is i know i would.


    Tough.. I personally think, dont re-release them, but maybe years down the track retro the II’s as GR so everyone can get em, something like that.

  • shoebie1

    I think the re-release of the Lebron’s is a great idea. it gives the chance 4 ppl, like me, to obatin more Lebrons and replace lebrons that might’ve gotten messed up in the past…. I want all of em if they come out again. but next time, can you make the LeBron II’s a lil bit lighter??? that would be a plus. thanks! :cool: :smile:

  • bkals

    Shoes are being produced right now… only question left to answer is how to be distributed?

  • 4DRUMZ

    Hot post! Lots of comments… keep that up ya’ll! I agree with the general consensus on the limited run PE’s and distribution. Also, it’s too early to be retro’ing Lebron. Focus on the VI and the Soldier issues. Once Jordan started retro’ing the current and future releases really suffered!

  • Dunkman

    this is ground breaking..I love the idea..hope they do it and release at House of Hoops…and why are people hating so much on re-sellers and hating the fact that they are so limited…if they werent so limited and these were sold at general release then most stores wouldnt even sell out on these, they would be considered worthless if that happened, so better off to keep them limited – makes it more special and more proud to be a lebron fan…i think some people are just jealous..tsk tsk

  • The_Drible_Machine

    Come on man, do you really think that we are jealous? I’m mad that a simple hobby like shoe collecting became a biz for some people that’s it. And Nike makes it even easier for them.

  • Dunkman

    I love the fact that some sneakers are becoming more rare and limited… it sucks when you think you have the nicest sneaker out right now and then you see somebody else walking down the street with the same pair on. I dont know about anybody else, but when it comes down to sneakers I like to be unique and stand out….and to say that Nike is making it even easier for people to buy limited sneakers is just wrong…trying camping out for days in the freezing cold and wet weather …I’ve been doing it for a long time and I could honestly say ITS NOT EASY, especially when theres only 36 pairs and only releasing in one store. If people are buying them to resell then let them…they earned it.

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