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Jun 21, 2008 at 7:16 am | ambassador-ishoes

The rumors about the next LeBron James signature shoe has been going for a while now. One of the upcoming shoes for the next season is the new Nike Zoom Ambassador, which is a part of his second signature series. Very little information is know at this point, but according to stmr1971 from NikeTalk the Zoom Ambassador features Zoom Air cushioning and XDR outsole, which stands for Xtra Durable Rubber – a traditional herringbone pattern for great traction on a variety of court surfaces and incredible durability. LeBron’s Summer/Playoffs/Outdoors line has been known for its long-lasting ability. The shoes are scheduled to release in November. View the only catalog pic – 333492-101 – below.

Source: stmr1971 | From News Updates #2
Introducing the Next LeBron Sneaker Zoom Ambassador Show Album
  • brad b.

    nah im not liking these, i hope the Zooom LeBron VI is gonna be sick

  • those are ugly i hope those 6’s are bad

  • Hunter

    These look like a cheap knock off of the solider 2s.

  • Hunter

    These look like a cheap knock off of the solider 2s.

  • #5

    these are just wrong man…not nice at all :???:

  • Kaczala

    If that’s the way the LeBron line is heading I don’t like it.

    The VI better be sick!

  • Jason

    Maybe it’s a lower price point shoe, like Kevin Durant’s?

  • LBJ Fan

    WTF LeBron…your shoes are heading downhill…cmon mann

  • Dunkman

    These look pretty nice, and i bet in a different colorway they will look even better

  • tim

    woww dem boys iz ugly as hell man damn

  • tim

    dem bet not be da 6,s cuz if so i cant have dem on my feet u can do better den dat

  • xfusionj

    i likes them high top sneakers… :cool:

  • kid

    WTF lebron those joints iz ugly azz fudge wat da fucx is goin on :twisted: :?: :!: :evil:

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