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Apr 2, 2008 at 1:40 am | lebron-vishoes

Take a look at the first real photo of LeBron James’ sixth signature sneaker – Nike Zoom LeBron VI. The Black/White/Red colorway will be released in October followed by an all black version in December. Of course there will be some exclusives like every year, f.e. China edition. Although it hasn’t been the case with LBJ’s last two kicks, the main problem with LeBrons is the weight. People complain about Zoom LeBron shoes being too heavy. I guess everybody that feels that way will anticipate the VI cause according to Fear23 from Niketalk, who took the photo and tested them, they weight 14.5 oz.! For those who think that the swoosh is a little off note there is a carbon fiber plate that supports the heel and wraps around, in the photo the plate is covering part of the swoosh. The Nike Zoom LeBron VI will once again implement the Phyposite technology. On the inside of the tongue, it’s stitched: “Unstoppable”. After being “Fearless” this year, LeBron is gonna be Unstoppable from now on! Also, be aware that it’s only a sample and it’s a lot different from the first pic that leaked the internet some time ago. Let’s hope this is the way the final product will look like. Check back as we will follow up all the news on the ZLVI.

Source: Fear23 via NikeTalk | From News&Updates
Nike Zoom LeBron VI 8211 The Real Deal First Sample Show Album
  • Gggggas

    Greg I gotta admit that I’m really astonished!
    It definitely has some ZLS2 characteristics and on the heel I would say that it’s probably a zoom air unit(double stacked :?: )! It also looks like there’s gonna be plenty of protection too!
    Anyway these are just some assumptions, time will tell!

  • Wow…I think this will be a really nice shoe :mrgreen:

  • brad b

    yo this shoe is sick, i like it alot, yeah the swoosh is little big, but i like it. i hope theirs a strap on it, like the IV and V.

  • sam


  • Oakley

    I’m impressed

  • scarabe555

    thanks for pictures…. i think they have a big potential……

  • 4DRUMZ

    I agree with Ggggggas… def some Soldier II influence or flip-flop. It seems that the Soldiers have given us a peek at elements of the “next” ZL over the last two years.

    You can also see some III & IV flavor in this. YES, they’ve needed to cut down the weight and sub 15 oz.’s is amazing for the ZL… but at what expense?

    For the record, the V’s have got to be the best crafted and highest quality ZL yet… not to mention insanely good fitting. Every time I wear mine (black/crimson) I admire the craftsmanship more and more. It’s nice to see Nike being concerned about quality and new technology and approach with Lebron. It’s clear that the ZL is a priority… though I don’t dare compare the line to Jordan’s just yet!

  • Sports23fan22

    Of course you can’t compare the ZL line to the Jordan line yet but MJ’s got 18 years on LBJ. LeBron’s revolutionizing the shoe game. And yeah, those ZLVI’s are hot!!

  • I dont like them.. Maybe i need to look at it from a different angle..

  • Kaczala

    At this point I am happy with the ZLVI. Rumors are that this design has been scrapped, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet.
    Also, the weight is a positive thing, it’s great! However, I am still so in the V’s (just like 4DRUMZ), which IMHO are not heavy so that doesn’t bother me at all, and they are indeed great basketball shoes. Not as appealing, true, but gets the job done on court.

    Btw… for those who await the forum and users registration, which will be ready in a couple months, preview one of the features – avatar (look right) – and a different user icon (look below) ;)

  • Hrl3m

    I have to say that Im a little disappointed that they are considering putting this piece of S@#T out. Thats all Im going to say about that shoe until the release, cause last year I didn’t like the V’s but when they released I was saying this is the hottest shoe. Hopefully Nike makes some changes.

  • kevin

    not liking it

    im seeing the nike, but nothing LeBron

    maybe need to see more pics

  • rj

    personally, i think it’s a step back from the zlv, and where’s the L23 logo? oh well, just have to wait for the final design, won’t we?

  • sam

    wait a sec i heard they scrapped this design already

  • zay

    these look NOTHING like the previous LeBron kickz :?:
    thye seem a bit 2 simple but since shoes always look different when they are in person (2 me anyway) i’ll just wait till i see them in the fall… :neutral:

  • LE

    :neutral: I’m not sure if I like them. The kinda look like one of those Tim Duncan Foamposite Nikes from 1998 0r 2000. They are a bit plain-looking. They have the look of a power forward’s (even a center’s) shoe. :???: Hopefully they spice them up before release. At least they look better than the concept pics that were “leaked” earlier (which looked like Reeboks from the mid 90’s).

  • MATRIX 23

    Wow i like so much this new LeBron’s shoes!!! Look like the Air Max Penny 1…I think this shoe is better than LeBron V…very nice!

  • These are the ugliest piece of crap ive ever seen :mrgreen: :neutral: :twisted: :arrow: :shock: :smile: :???: :cool: :evil: :grin: :idea: :oops: :razz: :roll: :wink: :cry: :eek: :lol: :mad: :sad: :!: :?:

  • Legend 8.1

    :cry: :cry: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

  • yeoj

    i saw another angle of this “alleged” lebron vi model-check out this address:

  • Kaczala

    ^ true but that was a GS

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  • tim

    they alright but could be better dey dont look like the ZLV,s at all :?: wat da f**k man

  • stepback3

    Finally they come back to the real deal shoes plus protections for the feet. Definitely gonna cop these.

  • I’M A Young 13 year old trying to become an Nba player/star like you and I Want to Know How Was Being a 13 Year old basketball player

  • :smile: :wink: :mrgreen: Theese shoes are so pimp their almost as cool as the Lebron VI Id take theese in a heartbeat………….P.I.M.P

  • Baller

    Dude why is Lebron’s shoe line much less advanced than Kobe’s? Kobe’s are 11.5 or sumthing oz. I know that the lunarite or whatever padding isnt that durable but Kobe’s IV’s are the most lightest and comfortable shoe I have ever worn. More dynamic too, great for fast direction changes and agile on your toes. Whenever I wear Lebron’s shoes they feel too heavy, too wide and flat footed. I dont like the feel when im running and I cannot change directions fast because my feet feel planted to the ground. I guess they are just better for bigger position players like PF, C.

  • I like Lebron!! I like his Shoes!! Thank you!

  • I would like to have a pair of Lebron shoes for my brother,he like james so much,his idol.

  • david jackson

    i love mj

  • LeBron’re really great and great players have nothing to say always remain speechless when you gledm and I love you most jel si mi favorite basketball player and I think that most all your’s the best … :grin: :grin: I ? LeBron James :lol:

  • actually when I think about what I can not cry to me …. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: MUCH OF THAT I LOVE YOU BROTHER, FATHER AND NOT OF THAT Sympathy… :cry: ;-)

  • Rodolfo

    i really don’t like this..

  • =D


  • it’s seems too expensive.

  • The lower avant-garde breadth of the Nike Anthology is primarily atramentous black, with white ‘speckles’ of assorted appearance orientations at assorted positions to complete the ‘colorful’ look.
    For a attached mechanism, Nike makes use of a cilia to put the shoe together; and in this regard, the shoe comes with at atomic 8 pairs of shoe cilia holes, admitting of advance you accept the advantage of abrogation some of the shoe-lace holes untied.

  • For blast purposes, the Nike Exceptional Anthology comes with a breadth fabricated of blast holes abreast the avant-garde of it on the breadth aloof beneath the ‘Notebook’s’ tongue.

  • nike love

    I am happy with ZLVI ;-)

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