Nike Zoom LeBron VI concept pics leaked to the net »

Dec 12, 2007 at 3:35 am | lebron-vishoes

Things are moving very fast with Nike and LeBron lately. We haven’t even seen the half of the colorways that the V’s will come in and today we get to see some early concept pictures posted on Kenlu presenting the next Nike LeBron signature sneaker the Zoom LeBron VI. Remember, this is just a concept sketch, in fact they have the same color codes as the LeBron V. The actual product may still vary. What do you think of this design? Get at us in the comment box or use the rating stars to express your thoughts.

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Nike Zoom LeBron VI concept pics leaked to the netNike Zoom LeBron VI concept pics leaked to the netNike Zoom LeBron VI concept pics leaked to the netNike Zoom LeBron VI concept pics leaked to the net
  • you can hardly tell if they are going to be nice. I knoiw nike will come through. All the lebrons were sick. I dont like the circles on them though. :mrgreen:

  • Peter Santiago

    man it sucks!

  • It looks interesting…but it’s too early to say whether or not I will like these…

  • Gggggas

    Yes they are moving really fast! About the concept, it definitely reminds me of the Nike Air Flightposite III :!: Though I think they’ll change a lot.

  • Gggggas

    abt:This is not the real NIKE LeBron 6 design or sketch.
    it’s from a member’s personal sketch.

  • biv



    apparently, the real VI’s will blow these out of the water.

  • Cordell

    i will reserve my judgement until a sample pair is made.

  • gian

    i hope they will create a second version for the zoom 20.5.5 w/ same strap concept and perforated shell. zoom lebron VI looks bulkier than previous shoes

  • master

    always like this, my first impression is always negative but end up buying those

  • :twisted: THey suck

  • barry


  • These look a great deal like the Flightposities that Jason Kidd wore in 1996. They are going to be re-released this year.

  • adrian12695

    I think this’ll be high-tech,like the IV’s.But then,we don’t know.Even if it is ugly or not,I’m very sure that collectors will buy this and put it in their collection.Ken link is surely working with this out.

  • Phil

    these shit are hot. Lebron and nike been making me happy sense they came out with the lebrons. Can’t wait to get these to my collection.

  • Josue

    These look great! Im loving these Black/White VIs

  • Harl3m

    not so sure

  • connor

    these are not real no way thell be way better :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  • chase

    i dont like these the REAL VIs better be better or i wont wast my money on them. they better not be so heavy like the IVs either.

  • silvers.smith

    Lebron needs to hire new shoe designers because this one is out of style

  • Tese are amazing they are the best ones ive seen i like the circles and i want them to keep on using the straps i luv the double straps just like in 20.5.5

  • justin

    I m a big fan of LeBron and i think that the new LeBron VI should use this design it would be great and i will be the 1st 1 to buy it~~

  • Who wants crop circles on the side of their sneaker?

  • archie

    very-very good and very beautifull
    i like you shoes

  • Lorenz

    I’m a big fan of James
    But these shoes are just ugly.

  • Kaczala

    I see this post is still popular, LOL. For those who wanna see all the current news on the Zoom LeBron VI be sure to check this out: CLICK HERE!

  • Old B-Ball Guy

    Why is Kobe’s #8 incorporated into the design. It’s easy to see an 8.

  • jon

    Nike shoes are not exciting anymore. They need to go back and take notes on the old Jordans, thats when you could not wait to see what the next ones would look like.

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