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Nov 13, 2007 at 3:46 pm | stuff

Nike and its largest retail partner, Foot Locker Inc., plan to open 50 stores in the next three years that sell only Nike, Jordan and Converse basketball products. The stores, called House of Hoops by Foot Locker, will primarily be converted from existing Foot Locker stores and are labeled as a “hub for all things basketball”. The first store is scheduled to open on 11/19, in five days, in Harlem, NYC. There will be a couple of surprises for all Nike LeBron fans and collectors. Like we mentioned last month the limited number of the ZLV China edition will be available at the opening. This will be the only U.S. release of this Asian exclusive. Also, Nike will have a few Player Exclusives available for purchase: Nike Zoom Soldier FAIRFAX, SVSM and CTK PEs!!!. All the mentioned shoes are featured below.

Nike HOUSE OF HOOPS grand opening Nike LeBron feastNike HOUSE OF HOOPS grand opening Nike LeBron feastNike HOUSE OF HOOPS grand opening Nike LeBron feastNike HOUSE OF HOOPS grand opening Nike LeBron feast
  • dOubleO

    Greg, any info on how much the Soldier PEs will be?

  • Greg

    I am working on it, but so far there is no such info. There will be a couple of more Nike LeBron surprises, more shoes.

  • Danny

    What time are they opening??? What is the exact address of the store in Harlem???

  • sam (storro9)

    hey greg its looking great, ur sit and everything

    u guessing that the chinas will be 249.00 right? im thinking about taking the trip, im not sure yet. thanks for anything, any info

  • Shoemate

    SVSM soldier is awesome…i need a pair :cool:

  • Greg

    I believe the address is 125th Street in Harlem.
    The China’s should cost $200.

  • afreakyboy

    any idea about the retail price for those HS Soldiers :?:

    Too bad I am not in US, would love to get a pair of SVSM or CTK :evil:

  • dOubleO

    Here’s the addy for people going to HoH

    268 W 125th St., New York, NY

  • wSHOEHEADp55

    anyone kno what the closest store to ohio is? :?:

  • Danny

    What time are they open till???

  • Greg

    The prices at the opening were awesome:
    SVSM, CTK, Farifax Soldier – $110 :shock: :shock:
    China V – $200 :shock:

    Of course they were very limited , but some guys got lucky.

  • Darrell

    Where can I get the CTK shoes at?

  • Greg

    Darrell at this point ebay is yout best chance.

  • steele

    hey any idea where i can get those green soilders and how much?? in size 11.5 or 12

  • kaiwan

    :cry: I love basketball but only i play no one else :smile: but i am happy i do have my school friends who play :sad: but they suck, they don not pass :grin: i would be happy if u guys surely play with me so could i have any shoes of lebron in India

  • kaiwan

    thank u :smile:

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