2007-08 NBA Pre-season: CLE at TOR »

Oct 26, 2007 at 3:21 am | lebron-jamesnba-basketball

Cleveland was back in North America after playing a pair of games against the Orlando Magic as part of the NBA’s China tour. In their first match after the trip Cleveland lost a preseason game against the Toronto Raptors on Thursday. LeBron James had 17 points and nine assists to lead Cleveland (1-5), while Damon Jones scored 16 points and Larry Hughes finished with 14. King James, who is still rocking the Soldiers, wore the Black and Gold edition for the very first time. Check out the pics.

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  • bhonjaze

    i think i remembered one time i wrote here that it should have been great to see LeBron rocking the famous Cavs crimson jerseys with some all-black soldiers in the playoffs and finals last season..i think he finally came through and heard my wish! :razz:

  • bhonjaze

    but i think Bron’s feet look small with this ensemble.. imo. dont know what you guys think. :roll:

  • KDogLBJ23

    Plan on seeing him wear the Soldiers a lot more than the V’s. He likes the Soldiers way more.

  • Greg

    That’s interesting, but I believe “they” won’t let him wear the Soldiers more than the Vs. People need to see LeBron rock the Vs to buy them.

  • The_Drible_Machine

    Black/gold look amazing. No wonder he likes them more.

  • Skotty

    i bet the black-toes wouldn´t look bad either with the crimson jerseys
    total black still´s not my favourite…
    hope i get my black-toes soon :grin:

  • bhonjaze

    yeah, i agree. the black toes can still go with these crimson jerseys. but, i think they agreed on black sneaks-black socks with the crimsons..but i can imagine though how sleek he would look with some black toes in one of his games. and i would also go more with the Soldiers than the V’s.. until now, i still can’t get the V’s to get into my liking. im not sure if they’re gonna grow on me..imo

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