Nike Zoom LeBron V Commercial. HOT! »

Oct 16, 2007 at 2:32 pm | lebron-jameslebron-vlifestyleshoes

The official release date for the Zoom LeBron V is November 15th. However, the limited China edition has it’s premiere today. For that reason has published ZLV commercial featuring LeBron James. Check it out!

  • Brad b.

    that was cool, and how did they put the younger lebrons in there, nice lookin V’s tho!

  • dOubleO

    I think this is the first Nike Lebron commercial I liked…although I don’t want to say it but it has a “Jordan” touch to it..very “Jordanesque”…

  • LBJFan

    yeah i agree, it did have
    a bit of jordan touch to it.
    Its kinda similar to the Jordan 22
    commercial where the highschool player
    is in the dark gym
    going for a dunk in slow motion

    but anyways
    this commercial is pretty cool
    i wish it showed LeBron
    finishing the dunk after the
    “Nike – Just Do It”

  • Eamonn

    Awesome, probably the best serious Lebron commercial ive seen, oddly enough the shoes look much better once you see them on the king himself throwing one down :wink:

  • Greg

    ^yes that’s odd, ROTFL. I agree on the “Jordanesque” touch, according to my friend (RU) it’s very similar to Jordan’s 96 commercial, which I don’t remember. Wasn’t that the XII – dunk vs the Lakers?

    By the way… I’m glad he didn’t finish the dunk because he still has a lot to do. Then, he can finish it :D

  • LBJFan

    Greg thats a great point
    about not finishing the dunk
    my opinion has changed :]

  • RJ

    I wonder how the PEs will look different from the GRs

  • ZNA

    They used a lot of details in this commercial. Like when lebron was a rookie he did not have all the tattoos he has now, and on the commercial when he had on the away jersey and the zoom generation (rookie shoe) he did not have all of his tats. Lebron has the best shoe since Jordan hands down! The commercial is sick.

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