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Oct 12, 2007 at 4:23 am | shoeszoom-soldier-ii

Two days ago we showed you exclusive photos of the next Nike LeBron low-top sneaker Nike Zoom LeBron V low. Today we present yet another new member of the Nike LeBron signature line Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 2. After a great success of the ZLS Nike decided to released it’s successor. So far there is no more infomation available so check out the pics below. What do you think of Nike’s new design? Get at us in the comment box below with your thoughts.

Source: jumpman23 via kenlu.net | From News&Updates
A very first look at the Nike Zoom Soldier 2A very first look at the Nike Zoom Soldier 2 Show Album
  • Gggggas

    It looks so simple and low to the ground! :!: Ventilation seems to be an improvement but it doesn’t seem to provide great lockdown like the ZLS did neither support and durability :neutral: The holes on the shoe reminds me of the 20-5-5 :wink: and the tongue reminds me of the Low ST! :idea: What I think the cushioning will be is full length like the 20-5-5 since heel+forefoot zoom air on the ZLS is stiff right out of the box and it needs to be broken in first though it is more durable :mrgreen: !

  • SUN

    i mean damn at least wait till june??? but anyway its decent i guess…can’t beat the original tho

  • SUN

    maybe i need to see live pics

  • I dont like them!!

  • I like them a lot!!!They look like Air Jordan XVI’s and Zoom LeBron III low’s!!!

  • Seattle Advocate

    :sad: :sad: I don’t like them at all

  • Greg

    IMHO, It’s a very interesting design. I like the black/white/red colorway with a camo inspired sole (living up to it’s name). Can’t wait for some live pics since there are some details that need to be shown!

  • brad b

    these look good, but jesus could you move any faster, you get ppls hopes up for shoe thats not comin out for months up to a yr. im still waitin for the NIKe ZOOM V

  • Oakley

    Ugly. Garbage compared to the originals.

  • Skotty

    they definitly got some potential but to top the first one is a very very hard aim
    hope i can get one when they come out :grin:

  • timmy_tummy

    It looks decent, i do however hope that they make some changes prior to release. It also looks durable as you would expect based on the original.

  • I like them…the black/white/red ones remind me a bit of the ZL3. That camo design is a interesting detail imho

  • bhonjaze

    i don’t like them too.. such a shame, to follow up on the Soldiers which are such work of art. can’t believe nike is doing this lame shoe..even the logo isn’t where it should be aesthetically. can’t do anything else to better the looks on these..

  • DLP

    The red/white/blue kinda look like Free’s. I know it’s called the soldier, but i’m not too fond of the camo on the other one. Oh well, it’ll go through some changes before summer! Crazy that we have pics so soon!

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  • david

    i dont really like all the new nike’s with the swooshes at the back, its always been the tradition to have it in the middle. I think it looks the best that way, but i do know that things change also

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