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Oct 3, 2007 at 4:26 am | updates

The summer is over and the NBA is about to start very soon. For us sneakerheads, basketball players it’s the time of the new releases and picking up the shoes for the next season. We at would like to know what are your preferences when it comes to copping new sneakers? What is the most important thing for you? Is it who’s endorsing it (LeBron, Kobe, Jordan or somebody else), the price, on-court performance, hype (you like to turn heads), or maybe you don’t play basketball and you make your decision based on the looks? Please cast your vote and check out the results of all the previous polls on the Archive Polls page.

  • Brad b.

    when it comes to kicks, i think style and the looks are the most important, and whos endorsing it. when the LeBron V come out im gettin them

  • win

    when i buy shoes for playing ball, most important would be performance then the style, all other considerations (endorsement, exclusivity, price) dont matter.

  • Skotty

    on-court-sneakers definitly gotta have performance but off-court the most important things are an un-unique look and exclusiveness

  • Lebreezy

    When it comes to buying kicks price is not an option, its all about Lebron, u know how i do, all Lebrons and the fives are pretty fresh to def, chyeah

  • JD

    I think looks are important with sneakers but if the shoes performance sucks then its not worth getting. When it comes to LeBron’s kicks you know youre getting the best Nike has to offer so price shouldn’t matter I’m definitely getting the 5s.

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