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Jul 5, 2007 at 5:18 am | shoeszoom-soldier

According to our current poll the White/Black/Gold colorway of the upcoming Zoom LeBron Soldier is not your favorite style. I honestly don’t know why because personally I love it! It’s hard to compete with the pairs that LeBron James actually wore during the playoffs plus the commonly beloved Dunkmans, but in my opinion they are much better than f.e. the Olympic version. This edition is said to drop this month along with the White/Navy colorway. The Black-Toe Soldiers look very similar to the famous Air Jordan XII OG Taxi. Look at the photos below, props to size twelve from niketalk.com.

Zoom LeBron Soldier 8220BlackToe8221Zoom LeBron Soldier 8220BlackToe8221
  • Gggggas

    I agree, it’s such a lovely colorway!

  • BLAH


  • bruce tyler

    hey when do the lebron zoom soldier just plain white and gold shoe come out? then i have another question when do the black-toe shoes come out?

  • Greg

    As far as I know the White/Gold will drop in August and the “Black-Toes” drop hmmm… NOW, but in Asia, I don’t know the Release Date for US yet. I am working really hard to get that info. When I confirm anything I will update the releases page.

  • King James

    Hey, I’m thinking about getting them, are they comfortable? I mean they look good and everything but are they actually good?

  • Greg

    I’ve had them for a few days and so far I like them very much. They are light, have awesome cushioning and the midfoot strap adds that great lockdown feeling – very useful. Ankle support is suitable for guards – not too stiff. I would recommend the Nike Zoom Soldier to everyone!

  • bhonjaze

    you can say that again. i have nothing but a smooth ride with my pair. mine is the same cw in the pics, the black toe. they are just awesome, super responsive but maintaining the extremely good cushioning. they are built to last, i tell you. the straps they do work, you can adjust it anytime and any way you want your fit to go. plus, it is easy to slip your foot on unlike the BronIV. i am a real sucker for traction in bball shoes because i play run n’ gun, and these babies give me more than enough. really durable, well they are meant to be your best outdoor shoe this summer. definitely worth your buck..

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