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Jun 15, 2007 at 5:02 am | shoeszoom-soldier

The Nike Zoom Soldier official release date is 7/12/2007. The first colorway to drop is the White/Navy/Gold. This is a pair which LeBron James has been wearing during the playoffs in all Cavaliers away games. Of course he used a Player Exclusive versions. Today we would like to present all four different versions of these sneakers – General Release, Sample (yesterday news), Playoffs PE, Finals PE. Thanks to Gggggas for the heads up on the last pair. Notice that the shoes from the Nike Basketball Collection are a little different from the GR – they have a white patent leather strap above the toebox instead of a see-through navy one.

General Release – navy strap Sample – white strap
Playoffs PE – white/navy upper Finals PE – custom lasering
Four versions of the Navy Zoom SoldierFour versions of the Navy Zoom SoldierFour versions of the Navy Zoom SoldierFour versions of the Navy Zoom Soldier
  • Brad bell

    yo, the new LeBron soldiers r lookin good, but will the other blue and white ones be available for purchase? (the navy with white lines, like in the playoffs)

  • Greg

    ^No, those are a Player Exclusive version. We will get the ones describes as:
    General Release – navy strap

  • lbj23

    Even though they are not the champs, the shoes is…the navy strap is cool but the one thing that i would know is whats the next color they gonna release, is it red and white? Please let me know… thanks!

  • Greg

    Here is the rest of the colorways known so far:
    plus of course White/Gold and the Navy pair – both worn by LeBron in the Playoffs.

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