New poll – Soldier vs LeBron V »

May 27, 2007 at 1:33 am | updates

Yesterday we brought you two catalog pictures of the fifth shoe in the Nike LeBron generation. There is a lot of controversial in the communities about the looks of the next two Nike LeBron releases – Nike Zoom Soldier and Nike Zoom LeBron V – and also about which one should be carrying the number 5 (V). We give you an opportunity to decide it for yourself in our newest poll.

  • Gggggas

    Personally I think that most people will vote for the Zoom Soldier cause we have seen many live pics plus LeBron wearing it during the playoffs. Unfortunately it’s too early for ZLV live pics!
    Anyway, this is a great poll cause we get to see what people think about the main signature line and the other sigs!

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