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When Nike did the Elite version of the LeBron 10 PS two years ago all records for the prices of basketball shoes have been shuttered. The prices started at $300 for the regular version up to almost $400 for the Nike+ Sportspack. Last season there was no Nike iD for the LeBron 11 Elite and nobody complained, really. This season Nike is looking to allow fans to personalize the LeBron 12 Elite, but again we come back to the discussions on how much can you spend on a pair of basketball shoes. Nike will be asking $320 for the Elite 12’s. Are you going to answer the call? Personally, I’m not so eager after the last year’s Elites, which were more of a downgrade compared to the regular model.

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Nike Basketball is expected to release four different colorways of the Nike LeBron X PS Elite. Similar to what hey did last year with the LeBron 9 PS Elite. However, this time, if you’re not a fan of the White/Gold, Superhero, Infrared, or Turquoise colorways, you can design your own using the Nike iD platform. It will cost you an awful lot… $300, $320, or $390 depending on the Nike Plus options of your choosing, but if you think it’s pricey in the States then think again. Fans in Europe are having a hard time ordering a pair because it costs about $370 for the cheapest version in the UK all the way up to $550 (!) in Germany for the Sport Pack. Nike, that’s crazy. Anyway, if you can afford it, there are some great color options available. Feel free to share your designs via twitter, facebook or the post comment system below.

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This season, LeBron James has been switching his shoe laces a lot! If you look at the 2010-2011 Timeline he’s only worn 9 different shoes thus far, however, if we include his laces variations it would be much more. Changing laces is the easiest way to customize your shoes. Sometimes Nike includes alternate laces along with the shoes, but call me crazy they’re red 90% of the time. For example… Chrismas 8’s, Yankee 7’s, Red Carpet 7’s, Christmas 7’s. Of course you can’t get the signature laces sold separately. Fortunetely there’s a way. Ebay seller JohnnieThong offers a wide selection of laces in many colors and styles, but most importantly his athletic basketball strings are a perfect replacement for all recent Nike LeBron releases. The quality is very good too. So if you don’t mind lack of the LBJ logos on the tips be sure to check out his offer. The results are very nice and from what I know his customers are very pleased. See below for a preview of possibilities that includes the newest LeBron 8 V2Pre-Dunkman – with Electric Green laces (here’s the original look). Remember, your imagination is the only limit here!

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Nike has created a new campaign that highlights the LeBron 12 basketball shoe by featuring a dozen northeast Ohioans identified by LeBron James and Nike as local “heroes.” Called the #iDYOURHERO initiative, Nike filmed videos and designed shoes for each of the 12 honorees that will be released over the next 12 days through a targeted digital ad buy, on social media, and posted on Nike’s website. The chosen “heroes” include Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary basketball coach Dru Joyce, who coached James in high school, chef Jonathon Sawyer, owner of The Greenhouse Tavern on E. 4th Street downtown, and Larry Gray, a spokesman for the Cleveland Fire Department. Each person in the campaign either has a direct tie to James or the LeBron James Family Foundation, or was discovered by Nike while the company was doing research for its TV commercial featuring James that aired on Oct. 30. James will salute a hometown hero by wearing one of the customized shose in an upcoming game. The honor comes from James’ ambition to recognize the impact of hometown heroes who inspire greatness in their communities.

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LeBron James seems to be having so much fun with his shoes right now. Lacing up a new pair every game is not enough so he does two new pairs per game now. On Monday he introduced two new Nike Soldier 7 PEs, which can be customized on Nike iD, and last night he went with yet another new version of the Soldier 7 and a new Player Exclusive colorway of the Nike LeBron 11 Elite in Black and Red. Both of these shoes are a pretty sick match with Miami’s throwback uniforms. Check out the pics below and stay tuned for new episodes of our LeBron James sole watch for the upcoming games.

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Nike has improved the Nike iD platfrom a lot over the years. Today’s updates should satisfy all the nay-sayers in terms of the number of options available to customize the Nike LeBron XI. In the past in was difficult to use different colors in various sections of the shoe. Now you can color pretty much everything! You can style both swoosh logos and the tongue logo independently. You can also use different colors for the forefoot and heel portions of the outsole and even change the midfoot shank. Finally… you can mix the Chroma, Forging Iron, Graffiti, Speckle and Solid options altogether and if you like to glow there are five different glow-in-the-dark effects to use on the outsole. Actually it would be a lot easier to say what can’t be done because the possibilities for what can be done seem to be endless right now. Head over to and please try to prove me wrong. The Gumbo collection will be up for about 6 weeks, unless the materials run out sooner, but the biggest downside is the extended waiting period (up to 8 weeks).

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Even though college athletes don’t get paid, they still get taken care of nicely, especially during bowl season. The Oregon State Beavers were lucky enough to get brand new customized LeBron 11’s before their upcoming Hawaii Bowl. Unlike previous college PEs for the Florida Gators and the Ohio State Basketball, this time it’s for a football team. The sneakers look pretty nice in Beavers’ colors. Photo via @Coach_Riley & @Beavers_EQ.

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Looks like college colorways are back for the Nike LeBron 11! Nike Basketball also hooked up the Ohio State Buckeyes with personalized Nike LeBron XI PEs for both home and away games. The OSU-inspired PEs take on a similar zig-zag theme as the Florida Gators PEs we profiled just yesterday, with the exception of only the Home version working the custom pattern. The Aways feature a simple red Hyperfuse upper with contrasting white sections on the outsole, Nike branding and the inner lining. I wonder if we get to customize our shoes in a similar way on Nike iD with the anticipated color options pack.

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