Design Your Own Cleveland Cavaliers Soldier 8’s on NIKEiD »

Jul 26, 2014 at 2:02 am | shoeszoom-soldier-viii

It might take a while for Nike Basketball to be ready for Lebron’s Decision 2.0 to come back to Cleveland. After all the very first version of the LeBron 12 is still in Miami’s vibrant colors. Not to mention that James is still undecided on what number to wear on his new jersey come October. His previous jersey change was one of the reasons for a new signature logo. The new logo is number-less, but if LBJ goes back to #23 should the old logo come back? One thing is certain… we need to get used to Wine and Gold instead of Teal and Pink and the new NIKEiD option for the Nike Soldier 8 is a great example. It’s also an opportunity to design your own Cavs inspired LeBrons before Nike starts releasing them on their own. Truth be told, back in the Cleveland era, there were only a few 100% Cavs styles released because most of the colorways were based on Red. Now with the Nike Soldier 8 option available on Nike iD you can take advantage of this interesting build and design something truly special. Check out a couple of random designs below.

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  • Greg Huber

    Hmmm I think about pulling the trigger on the Cavs ID’s. Looks good.

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