#LeBronDNA: Ken Link & Nike Zoom Revis Appreciation Post »

Dec 29, 2013 at 6:54 am | stuff

If I was to give out awards for the shoe of the year, excluding LeBrons for once, the Nike Zoom Revis would be my #1. I don’t know if that’s due to that nostalgia feeling towards Ken Link, who designed Nike LeBron 1-6, and now he’s with Nike Football or the fact the shoes are simply that good. You can feel that the Revis was influenced by LeBrons too… with the midfoot strap, the placement of the swoosh, or the full-length Zoom Air. Maybe I’ve been longing for a killer low-top sneaker for everyday use and the latest Nike LeBron lows are not it. The Nike Zoom Revis has evetything I want in a shoe. Technically… it’s a masterpiece with the Dynamic Flywire, breathable mesh upper, and again that Zoom Air set up. Aesthetically… well that’s relative, but I think no other shoe has been so fortunate with the number of Player Exclusive colorways. Hopefully there’s a list of all the crazy Revis PEs including denim, pro bowl, 112, snakeskin, Oregon etc. It’s really too bad that the Revis 2 has been cancelled, but if you’re just going to have one shoe, that’s the way you do it. Enjoy my Zoom Revis group shots and let us know if you’re in on these kicks like me and LeBron James too.

  • Joshua Fuentes

    I have a pair and yes aside from LeBrons possibly the most comfortable shoe if not top 3. even though a low top it still has ankle support due to the construction of the shoe. Lightweight and strong its like LeBrons Football shoe.

  • sports23fan22

    I never thought about this until now but if you look at the letters vertically from heel to toe, it says “NOOB”, lol.

  • yaboysharrod

    He clearly copied off LeBron’s shoes for Revis, not sure how i feel about that. But anyway, the design of the shoe is off to me, not very attractive. Looks like sketcher shoes with a Nike swoosh lol.

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