How do you celebrate 50 straight sellouts in NBA? If you’re Draymond Green you write a special thank you message on your shoes. The Golden State Warriors celebrated 50 straight sellouts at Oracle Arena last week and Draymond commemorated the feat by writing “50 Straight. Thx Fans. Dub Nation” on his new NIKE SOLDIER VII shoes. We took a closer look at all his sneaker wears from this season and his rotation is very impressive… just like last year. Seems like, he wears more LEBRON shoes than King James himself. This season, he’s laced up a couple of LEBRON 10’s (regular and elite), the aforementioned SOLDIER 7’s and even LEBRON 11 iD’s… all in native Dub Nation colors. Continue reading for a detailed look.

Dec 23, 2013 at 12:02 pm | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-soldier-vii
  • yaboysharrod

    He doesn’t wear more LeBron shoes than LeBron lol c’mon. LeBron has worn his shoes every game of his career. But the question is, when is Green gonna hop on the 11’s?

  • Greg Huber

    LeBron didn’t wear Soldiers in-game.

    Green already balled in LEBRON 11 iD’s

  • yaboysharrod

    Well i got the impression that you meant that Green wears LeBron’s more than LeBron. I guess you mean that Green wears more different versions of LeBron’s. Ok.

  • Greg Huber

    Nobody wears more LeBrons than LBJ himself, obviously, but for a regular player to wear one sig so often is quite unusual I’d say.

  • yaboysharrod

    Unusual? I wouldn’t say that. LeBron got the best basketball shoes out there, why wouldn’t an NBA player want the best shoes to play in? Plus, he’s probably a big fan of LeBron.

  • Greg Huber

    It’s unusual enough for only a few people to do it. The list of people wearing LeBrons is very short in the NBA. Right now it’s:
    Amare (only Soldiers)
    Jordan (only Soldiers)
    Glen Davis
    Norris Cole

    plus occasional wears by:
    JJ Hickson
    Wilson Chandler
    DeJuan Blair
    Jordan Hamilton
    Lavoy Allen

    I probably missed some :)

    Apart from Draymond, Amare and Jordan other players switch to other shoes at times.

  • yaboysharrod

    For NBA players to wear another players shoes, that’s a pretty long list to me. His shoes are worn more than any other player shoes in the NBA, i.e. Kobe/Durant. You also gotta mention the college teams and WNBA players who wear them also. Oh, and you forgot about Birdman, who wears his shoes pretty much every game. :-)

  • Greg Huber

    Yeah Birdman must be very happy to wear all these amazing LEBRON 10 PEs :)

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