LEBRON X “MVP” Very Limited Release this Friday at Unknwn Miami, 4x HOHs, 5x Niketowns »

May 28, 2013 at 11:33 am | lebron-xshoes

The worst case scenario is most likely the one we’re going to get regarding the release of the Nike LeBron X MVP Edition. The news come straight from the source as Frankie Walker has just announced that the celebratory sneakers are scheduled to launch this Friday, but in very limited fashion. The Nike LeBron X MVP will release via raffle exclusively at UNKNWN in Miami. Seems like we’re getting a re-peat after all. Last year it was the Championship Pack that was also sold exclusively in Miami. Stay tuned for updates and hopefully some better news.
UPDATE #1: In partnership with mall management, select House of Hoops by Foot Locker stores will implement a sweepstakes ticket procedure in order to purchase the Nike LeBron X MVP (on sale 5/31/13 for $200). The sweepstakes ticket procedures will begin Tuesday, May 28th and end on Wednesday, May 29th. The locations include: SOUTH STATE STREET in Chicago, BEVERLY CENTER in Los Angeles, DADELAND MALL in Miami and 268 W 125TH STREET in New York.
UPDATE #2: @nikestore just tweeted the LEBRON X MVP is not scheduled to be released online.
UPDATE #3: Niketown NYC, Nike DC, Nike L.A., Nike Chicago, Nike Lenox will also launch MVP’s on 5/31.

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    I encourage EVERYONE to send a tweet to @nikebasketball and let them know how we feel abput these only releasing in Miami

  • Kaczala

    #MVP?! What the hell… more like #LVP on Nike’s part… #LeastValuablePolicy ever!!!

  • Bruce Balsinde

    I will be doing just that. I’m so tired of Nike’s crap it’s ridiculous. If I didn’t already have such an impressive collection that would feel incomplete if I quit collecting, I would just sell and get out of the shoe game.

  • Brandon Smith

    Not even in the state of MD SMH at nike

  • jwill22

    the sad part is that this will most likely never end because of hype and re-sellers..those two factors drive their business and they will continue to screw us out of true collector items for the catering of the reseller.

  • Bruce Balsinde

    Nike sucks balls.

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