Nike, This is How We Want Our Volts! With Diamond Cut Swoosh. »

Feb 23, 2013 at 7:13 am | lebron-xshoes

Overshadowed by the launch of the Cork X’s, the new Dunkman colorway is due in less than two hours. It’s a decent shoe. However, I’ve been saying for weeks that the Nike LeBron X really needs that Diamond cut swoosh to reach its full potential. Something that’s been reserved only for the Nike+ models, which haven’t dropped in months, and for LeBron James’ PEs. Nike has already confirmed there are no more Nike+ models coming, but seems like a Dunkman X+ was in the making. Eastbay has listed a sample version of the Volt/Wolf Grey-Pure Platinum colorway, which proudly sports the 3D Nike Swoosh and what a difference does that make?! Check out the comparison below and let us know which one do you prefer? Sample or GR?

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  • Kyle Marchina

    damn that does make a big difference, didnt even notice that. would want the 3d diamond cut for sure!

  • Perry Pheap

    Maybe its just the picture but to me the diamond cut swoosh looks a little dull.

  • The kings throne6

    Dude I was saying the same thing.The diamond cut swoosh is so much better looking.But my question is why do the put the nike + version up on there website if your not getting them like that.

  • Addison

    so there arent any more colorways of the 10’s dropping?? there moving on to the 11s already??

  • Richard

    Not moving to the 11 next. They have to do a playoff shoe

  • Kaczala

    There are definitely more X’s coming. Of course, the P.S. edition will follow afterwards.

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