LEBRON X Corks Might Be Available Earlier Than Expected »

Jan 16, 2013 at 5:58 am | lebron-xshoes

If you noticed a lot of people on eBay and Instagram posting LBJ X Corks you’re probably wondering about the official release date, which is set for February 23rd. Initial reports claimed a mid-January launch so seems like those who have good Nike connections were able to get the earlier batch. Not to mention that Nike Athletes were able to place an order using the nikeelite.com website. I know for a fact that about 60 pairs have been already released at one of the stores in Philippines. All this points to a conclusion that the closer we get to the official release, more pairs are going to surface the Net. Hopefully, this means we won’t be forced to pay more than retail price, which is already very high ($305). It’s only a wishful thinking at this point.

LEBRON X Corks Might Be Available Earlier Than ExpectedLEBRON X Corks Might Be Available Earlier Than ExpectedLEBRON X Corks Might Be Available Earlier Than ExpectedLEBRON X Corks Might Be Available Earlier Than ExpectedLEBRON X Corks Might Be Available Earlier Than Expected Show Album
  • phboynike

    only 30-40 pairs in the Philippines (2 stores already)

  • phboynike

    wait, it’s only around 30 pairs here in Philippines (2 stores already)

  • http://nikelebron.net/ Kaczala

    My buddy said 50-60. He’s usually right. But the important thing is they have been released.

  • Turd Fergussion

    Can you send me alink to buy the corks from that store in the philippines at – oolian39@yahoo.com – i really fuckn want these shoes

  • mjnnaz94

    $305 is just way too much


    Damn! How come they were able to release early in the Philippines? Seems unfair to me..


    How come you get an early release man?

  • http://nikelebron.net/ Kaczala

    Life’s unfair.

    Sneakergame is brutal!

  • jwill22

    the only lebron x colorways i like are the saphire, pressure, and fireberry…these r sick! want them bad but they gunna be IMPOSSIBLE to get! the sneakergame is a bunch of bogus

  • http://www.facebook.com/lloyd.batungbakal Lloyd Bello Batungbakal

    is it officially released already in the philippines?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bbalsinde Bruce Balsinde

    Nike is going to screw everyone over with these as usual.

  • phboynike

    yeah. we were surprised with the release. 1 store released it for selected VIPs only, while the other store released it by guessing lebron’s statline last time against MIL. for those who are asking, they are official released for 9,295 pesos (more or less US $200) regular nike sportswear box (brown)

  • Rodolfo Canela

    Alright Greg, I just got word from my boy that these will be super limited, and that they might be release like the Championship Pack 9’s. Also, there will be like 60 pairs in Miami, and those will be the only ones with the limited edition box unfortunately. These things haven’t even been released yet and they are going for 2g’s. Damn hypebeasts man.

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