A Look at Unreleased LeBron James Signature… Logo »

Jan 1, 2013 at 7:50 am | lebron-jameslifestyle

Chances are you have already acknowledged and got used to the new LeBron James logo, which was introduced by Nike shortly after he had changed his jersey number as well as his home address. Nike needed to update the well known LBJ23 logo and came up with this new L-crown-J concept. Aparently, LeBron wanted something simple, bold, which also retained the iconic crown look from his previous identity. What you see below is a different Nike LeBron logo that was actually conceived before King James signed his first deal with Nike. In the end both Nike and LeBron went with the LBJ23 version. How do you feel about the LeBron James logo evolution? Can you imagine the new logo replacing the Nike Swoosh similar to what Nike did with Jordan back in the day? Enjoy your New Year’s special and leave your comments below. Big thanks to my good friend Zach!

  • mjnnaz94

    the lion is still by far the best

  • mm

    nah LJ crown

  • JJ

    Li crown is the best, don’t know how I feel about loosing the swoosh, that’s one of the things i prefer about brons to Jordan’s !

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