1-2-3-4-5-6-7: Nike LeBron Series Round Up / Comparison »

Oct 26, 2009 at 4:09 am | lebron-viishoes

Looking back at all these shoes brings back a lot of memories. It’s obvious that choosing the best model is nearly impossible. It’s like selecting your favorite child. You can’t do that. It’s wrong. Of course some have better qualities than others, but still in order to get to the VII you need to have the VI, V, IV, III, II, and I. It’s vital to learn from the past. All the variety is good, cause different people will find different models best for them. Also, the Playoffs series, which includes the Zoom 20-5-5, and Soldiers I, II, III should be here as well, but let’s separate them for just a moment. Below, you will find plenty of comparison pics of all Nike LeBron sneakers (the numbered series). Please note that the Zoom LeBron V featured in this pictorial is the sample version, and the bonus Zoom Power was never released. Nike is already working on the VIII and we should learn more about the Soldier IV really soon, but let’s enjoy the present for now.

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  • rj

    ooh, family pictures.

  • dds010

    Mark my words the 7 will be the best selling model by far. It doesnt have the sloppy stupid bulkness of all the shoes prior to it which is gonna want make them look awesome while being worn casually, which is how the are going to be worn by most people. Nike has finally figured out the the previous designer really didnt have it. He might be a great designer for just any ol basketball sneaker, but for a premier athlete, it needs to be able to be worn casually because few people are actually gonna spend $170, and the next day get them scuffed by ballling in em.

  • dds010

    now need to make that swoosh smaller and incoroparate the LBJ logo more to make them instanly recognizable as “Lebron James Shoes”

  • Brad Wheeler

    they should of released the zoom power along with the Vl.

  • 4DRUMZ

    The Power really really needs to drop! My only fear is that the posite material will demand a higher price-point that they only reserve for the #’d series and you know there’s no way they’re going to dig that up and release as the next #. Drop it as the Soldier IV Nike!!!

  • devastator

    i’m 101% agree with brad wheeler and 4drumz that nike should have released the zoom power-make it a one off special release to commemorate one of lebron’s achievements or career milestone.this shoe should be shared among the millions of the king’s fans.don’t let it be wasted, nike!

  • jr_lyon

    Those zoom power don’t even have the lebron logo on em like the others i’ve seen. I don’t think the zoom powers wold be very comfortable. they look nice though

  • Chosen 2

    Ahhh thanks for the memories hmmm Nike is already working on the VIII i thought LeBron only signed for 7 years did he resign with Nike because I haven’t heard anything yet.

  • http://facebook.com MVR

    :razz: lebron5 is the best lebron shoes!!!

  • http://a.d+is.com LIL CHA$E

    i have been watin 4 the zoom. the power is gona b is my feet. the court will be my survent.

  • http://nikelebron rj

    what up

  • Mikemllsz

    Is it possible to buy the LeBron ZoomPower anywhere

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