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Dec 1, 2007 at 3:18 pm | lebron-ivshoes

In a short, but very colorful Nike LeBron history there have been a few shoes that nobody can get enough of. One of them is the Nike Zoom LeBron IV Fruity Pebbles Player Exclusive. Although they are very limited and the black market prices are still extremely high I haven’t met a person who wouldn’t wanna rock them on the street and turn some heads. Check out the nicest photos below, which beauty matches the showcased product.

Source: | From LeBron 4
  • elrey23

    I love this shoe…I love the CW…I love the pics :mrgreen:

  • ASny6

    These shes are beastly and i want them for Christmas maybe my mom or santa :lol: will but anyway they are the colorfulest shoes i have ever seen :shock:

  • http://yahoo czzowitz

    i just got these bitches

  • brian jones

    is there anyway i can get these shoes?

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